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With winter fast approaching remember Lemons are in season! Here are a few of our favorite ways to add Lemon to your beauty ritual and enjoy head to toe radiance:

Start your day: Squeeze half a lemon into 8oz. of warm spring water – lemons are high in vitamin C and enzymes that help promote healthy liver function. This daily ritual is regarded as a great internal cleanser and detoxifier, so important for keeping your skin clear and blemish-free!

SKIN CANCER, How to avoid and take care of your skin

Yonka Ultra Protection Age-Free Solar Block with Botanicals and Fruit Extracts SPF 25, TITANIUM DIOXIDE for UVB long lasting protection in the water and sun. Cancer cells start with basal cell trauma and over exposure to sun. Melanoma is the most serious skin cancer because it can spread rapidly. Look for changes in your moles, uneven borders, mixed colors and any asymmetry

YON-KA on Dr. Oz show

YON-KA on Dr. Oz show

Yon-Ka is featured on Dr. Oz show , Sunscreen Survival  Guide, steps woman should take

Incredible New Topical Pain Reliever Gel

I am recommending CHINA-GEL as a pain relieving , fast acting product. I have been using in my room for 2 weeks now and have samples. Please stop by or let me know when you are coming, can leave at front desk or see me in my room for massage with it. Natural ingredients: Camphor, Lavender Oil, Ginseng Extract, Angelica extract, Aloe Vera Gel, Witch Hazel and Menthol. 

this gel works with the body’s endorphin response to pain and produces by-products for muscle function. Deep penetrating gives long lasting cool to warmth relief. 


Use morning and night just massage over area of pain for a few minutes. thank you, Ken Reader

The ins and outs on Skin Rejuvenation Services

I attended a seminar last Thursday hosted by OHSU FACIAL PLASTIC and RECONSTRUCTIVE surgery.

I have Professional information for permanent and semi-permanent treatments. Both doctors who presented varying treatments were very knowledgeable.


Facial/Medical Esthetics is very precise and specialized compared to other surgeries for the body. I am available to consult with you about skin conditions and what kind of Dr. or treatment may be best for you.

Good skincare is at top of the list, please visit Yon-Ka on my blog to find out why it is amazing for Face and Body, Thank you, Ken Reader