Dr. Ward-Selinger & Dr. Herman’s Guided Spring Cleanse

Spring is an excellent time for a gentle cleanse – it helps to clear out the dampness of winter and allow for the young energy and revitalization of the season. This May, Dr. Herman and Dr. Ward-Selinger will lead a gentle and restorative 4-week cleanse at Elixia Wellness Group. The 4-week program will focus on healthy dietary changes, simple lifestyle practices, and supplementation protocol to kick-start the body’s natural ability to detoxify. Annual cleansing is a great way to fight against symptoms such as fatigue, stress, allergies, skin issues and food intolerances and help individuals to better meet their health goals when dealing with excess weight, high blood pressure and cholesterol, and blood sugar issues. This is a great opportunity for individuals new to cleansing, experienced cleansers who benefit from structure and accountability, anyone with a medical condition or who have “failed” a cleanse or detox in the past.

When: May 7th to May 28th (4 weeks).
Location: Elixia Wellness Group
Day/Times: Wed 6:30-8pm (May 7th only), 6:30-7:30pm (all other dates)
Cost: $150- 15% discount for established Elixia patients

What it includes:

  • Weekly group counseling session, cleanse-friendly snacks provided
  • Detailed instruction manual with recipes
  • All recommended supplements, 3 products total
  • Discounted access to the Elixia infrared sauna.

To enroll or have questions: call 503-232-5653 or email drward-selinger@elixiawellness.com