What is RESTART®?

Change your diet -­ Change your life!

There is an expectation out there that when someone goes on a diet, they want or need to lose weight. Not always so, although it may be a happy result. Some of us not only want to feel better, but also, hope to ward off problems in the future. Sugar is a gigantic problem world­wide. It is racking up bad press for good reason and we ought to be paying attention with real concern and motivation to change our ways. It is a known villain in Type 2 diabetes and tooth decay. It “feeds” cancer. Did you know it is now linked in the components leading to dementia? We need nutrient­dense, organic foods to maintain our health.

RESTART® is a 5­-week course that includes nutritional re­education on how to use real food and make healthier choices in an overwhelming market of “everything goes”. Get ready to eat wholesome fats, power­house nuts and seeds alongside luscious veggies, beneficial salad dressings and condiments. The focus is on a “detox” by removing added sugars from our diets and by resetting our tastebuds for lower intensity sweets, reading labels, becoming aware of hidden sugars and understanding the fact that human beings are hard­wired for sugars for survival. In today’s world where we are swimming in an ocean of sugar it is imperative that we break it off with this addiction.

RESTART® is also an opportunity for omitting offending foods that put our health at risk. Inflammatory foods are different for every single being. Each participant is encouraged to build new habits and structure by tailoring their own diet in order to give their body a rest. This becomes a lifestyle for us and a legacy for our loved ones.

Participants are reporting profoundly positive changes by attending RESTART®. They are achieving deep sleep, lower cholesterol, weight loss, improved mental clarity, happy digestion, lower blood sugar, lower blood pressure, reduced pain and more. This empowering class is successful as it is done as a buddy system along with the RESTART® cookbook, recipe sharing, food samples, plus the how and why of digestion. You are not alone in your cravings nor in searching for a better way.

Get ready to eat wholesome foods while kicking sugar to the curb!

The RESTART® class is being offered at Elixia on a regular basis and coached by Leslie Bennett, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. Leslie has twelve years of experience in the field of nutritional therapy. She is compassionate with her clients and an enthusiastic champion of their improved health.

If you have questions regarding this series, contact Leslie by e­mail: leslieb@elixiawellness.com, or call the Elixia front desk at 503.­232.­5653

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