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Healthy Gut, Happy Body

Written by Dr. Kai Herman Our ability to properly digest (break down food), absorb nutrients, and eliminate waste & toxins, greatly impacts our health on many levels, both physically & mentally. These are the main functions of the gastrointestinal (GI) system. Signs of chronic GI dysfunction include: painful & excessive gas, bloating, abdominal pain, and […]


Top 5 Hormone Imbalances Affecting Women Today

Written by Dr. Kai Herman Many women suffer from symptoms of hormone imbalance without understanding the cause or being aware of a solution to their problems. Multiple factors, including environmental toxins, low nutrient & high sugar diets, as well as use of hormone-disrupting medications, are to blame for our vulnerable and dysfunctional hormonal system. Listed […]


Cure for the Common Cold?

Written by Dr. Kai Herman “No cure for the common cold” refers to the lack of pharmaceutical treatments able to resolve simple upper respiratory infections. In actuality, there is a “cure” for the common cold; it’s called your immune system. Our immune systems are designed to identify and defend against viral invasions, thus resolving the […]


More Sleep, Less Pain

Written by Dr. Kai Herman At Elixia Wellness Group, many of our patients suffer from chronic pain. Whether the pain is associated with a recovering injury or a symptom of chronic illness, sleep significantly influences pain levels. As a naturopath, I strongly believe that adequate sleep is an integral part of recovery from any painful […]


Sunscreen Safety

Written by Dr. Kai Herman Not all sunscreens are created equal. An when it comes to UV protection products, there is an endless array of options. It is important to know that there is tremendous variability when it comes to safety of ingredients used in these products, as well as ability to provide complete UV […]