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More Sleep, Less Pain

Written by Dr. Kai Herman At Elixia Wellness Group, many of our patients suffer from chronic pain. Whether the pain is associated with a recovering injury or a symptom of chronic illness, sleep significantly influences pain levels. As a naturopath, I strongly believe that adequate sleep is an integral part of recovery from any painful […]


Sunscreen Safety

Written by Dr. Kai Herman Not all sunscreens are created equal. An when it comes to UV protection products, there is an endless array of options. It is important to know that there is tremendous variability when it comes to safety of ingredients used in these products, as well as ability to provide complete UV […]


NSAID Avoidance Does The Body Good

Written by Dr. Kai Herman Conventional non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), which include popular brands as Aleve and Advil, are the most commonly used medications for soft tissue injuries and joint pain. They help treat mild to moderate aches and pains and are often used immediately following an injury and throughout the course of healing to […]


Run For Your Joint Health

Written by Dr. Kai Herman Running gets a bad rap for causing joint problems, especially with regards to the knees. The medical literature, however, doesn’t substantiate this claim as studies have failed to demonstrate a clear causative relationship between moderate running (under 25 miles a week) and knee osteoarthritis (aka degenerative joint disease). In fact, […]


The Positive Impact of Spring Cleansing

Written by Dr. Kai Herman Our bodies are constantly detoxifying. The “work-horse” of the detoxification system is the liver, which functions to break down, or metabolize, toxins. Once processed by the liver, toxic metabolites are eliminated from the body through the liver (biliary system), kidneys, skin, bowels and lungs. The demand on the detoxification system […]