Portland Acupuncture & Chinese Med


ore than 2000 years old, Chinese medicine endures today because of its effectiveness and unique approach to an individual’s health concerns. In fact, in ancient China, physicians were actually paid and judged based on their ability to keep their patients healthy, rather than only treating the sick. Although Western society utilizes most medical practitioners from the opposite mindset, Chinese medicine is based on principles of establishing and maintaining harmony and balance.

Chinese medicine can be used both as a preventative form of medicine, as well as a treatment to restore balance after the onset of illness. Chinese medicine most commonly utilizes acupuncture and herbs to address health concerns, but also employs modalities such as cupping, moxa, tui na, and shiatsu. Treatment is tailored to an individual’s unique presentation of an illness, and modified at each visit as needed.


Acupuncture can be utilized as an adjunctive treatment in most diseases and health conditions, but is specifically well known for treating most pain conditions. It is also successful in combating stress and anxiety by providing a sense of quietness, tranquility and inner peace, both during and following the treatment. Pain relief and relaxation are only very general applications among the multitude of diseases and conditions effectively treated with Chinese medicine. Please inquire further if there are any specific conditions in question.