Portland Lab Testing

At Elixia, we offer a range of testing options not commonly found in conventional care clinics or hospitals. Naturopathic doctors can, and will, order many standard lab panels and tests, but often patient’s conditions require a more in-depth evaluation to establish underlying or contributing pathology. All independent labs are CLIA-certified and held to the same standard as labs performing conventional diagnostics. Below is a list of some of the common companies we use (click on the name to for the company website):

  • Spectracell: Our favorite lab for the most comprehensive cholesterol and heart disease risk profile (LPP+) from one blood draw. They also offer a micronutrient panel which can help identify potential vitamin and nutrient deficiencies, as well as genetic testing for MTHFR, a folic acid mutation involved in numerous mental health and cardiovascular conditions. Most of their panels are covered by insurance, with a copay.
  • Diagnostechs: Diagnostechs offers a range of digestive and hormonal tests. Their GI Health Panel is an excellent comprehensive assessment for many digestive and chronic gastrointestinal conditions. We also utilize their ASI test to reliably abnormal assess cortisol fluctuations throughout the day, commonly associated with stress and fatigue.
  • US Biotek: Our main choice for food allergy (immune related) testing.
  • ZRT Labs: ZRT offers comprehensive blood and saliva testing panels for common endocrine-related (hormonal) conditions. Saliva is the preferred testing method for bioidentical hormone replacement topical creams, ointments and gels. They have an excellent collection of patient education materials.
  • Labrix: Labrix also offers saliva testing panels for common endocrine-related (hormonal) conditions. They also have patient education materials.
  • Doctor’s Data: This lab is our main resource for heavy metal testing. Urine is the preferred and most comprehensive way to assess chronic levels of heavy metals in the body. While blood tests are the standard for an acute (emergency) large dose exposure or emergency situation, chronic low levels of heavy metals leave the blood and get stored in the tissues. Urine is collected after, and sometimes before, using a chelator (via IV or oral capsule) to help pull the metals into the urine for measurement.
  • Metametrix and Genova: Metametrix offers many panels that are useful in complex chronic diseases to assess overall health. Their ION panels are a good example of a combination of analyses that measure levels of organic acids, fatty acids, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, offering a complete functional evaluation.
  • Neuroscience: Neuroscience offers a range of testing options provided by some of the above labs, but their primary focus has always been neurotransmitter testing for mental-emotional health.