Portland Naturopathic Medicine


ccredited, licensed Naturopathic doctors (NDs) are trained as primary care physicians with specialties in natural, holistic, and alternative forms of treatments, as opposed to standard pharmacological treatments. While naturopaths are trained and licensed to prescribe many pharmaceutical drugs, most will use these only when necessary, for emergencies, or as secondary treatment options.

The philosophical approach a naturopath will take is based in the 6 principles of naturopathic medicine: First Do No Harm, Identify and Treat the Cause, Treat the Whole Person, the Body has an Inherent Wisdom to Heal, Doctor as Teacher, and Prevention is the Cure. Because each patient is an individual, even if two patients have an identical diagnosis, the reasons or root cause for developing that illness may be different. Environment, lifestyle (diet, home life, stress, drug and alcohol use, etc.), genetics, activity levels, psychological and emotional traumas or events, and many other things all have unique effects on our health and vitality, shaping who we are as we age.

The initial visit involves a thorough intake, in order to get this picture of the adverse, or beneficial, influences on a person. Depending on the complexity of one’s condition it may take more than one visit to get a full history. While the short term goal is to provide relief and palliation of a patient’s condition, the long term goal is to correct the underlying adaptive physiology, and identify any external causes or barriers to optimum health.

At Elixia Wellness, treatment modalities that may be used in a naturopathic visit include herbal medicine, nutraceutical supplementation, nutrition and diet guidance/modification, homeopathy, physical medicine modalities (muscle release techniques, spinal adjustments, electrotherapy, ultrasound, etc.), and counseling. Hormonal support and pharmaceutical prescriptions can also be initiated or monitored when indicated. Acupuncture may also be included in certain naturopaths’ visits.