Holistic Healthcare in Portland, Oregon

For current updates on clinic hours and practitioner availability related to the coronavirus, click here.

Please excuse our website while it is under construction. We have had a minor delay but expect our new site to be up early Spring 2020! In the meantime, you can schedule online here, or call us at (503) 232-5653

Our Providers

*Ryan Minarik, ND, LAc.

*Kai Herman, ND

*Caitlan Readhead, ND

*Hilary Constant, LAc.

*Ellina Gurevich, MSN

*Wairimu Lazenby, LE, CAE

*Elizabeth Smith, MA

Terry Ycasas, DC

Rex Crites, DC

Natasha Colburn, DC

Cyndee Delarocha, LMT

MaryJane Remer-Veatch, LMT

Raini Spring-McPhate, LMT

Pamela Sander, Aesth.

* Indicates members of FoRM Health, a collaborative group focusing on Functional and Regenerative Medicine procedures. For more info, visit www.formhealthpdx.com